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As a group of women united for one purpose, 6000 Moms show love, compassion, kindness, and support to immigrant families in many different forms from the tiniest of gestures and words to truly amazing “moving mountain” feats.

Each family/person has different needs and our care teams work alongside them to determine the best way for us to foster their unique journey.

We use our collective brain power to be solution seekers in research, skills, resources, and connections.

We are not limited to the list below as we assess each person/family on an individual basis and seek to meet their unique needs in a holistic, not cookie-cutter, manner.


We have done all of the following and more:

  • Personal Care/Donations – Food, clothing, furniture, meals, personal items, PPE, childcare, transportation to work/appointments, tutoring, mentoring, translating, encouragement, help getting dental care, celebrations, friendship, help getting eyeglasses, help setting up banking accounts, caring for members with COVID*, assistance with life skills (examples: calling ComEd, application completion), bicycles, cars, assistance getting COVID vaccinations
  • Research and Implementation – Food banks, counseling, legal resources, housing, medical care, social security, connections to legal services (sometimes pro bono), locating therapy services, insurance
  • Employment – Job offers, internships, job leads, job mentoring, assistance with job applications, work permits, educational mentoring and assistance
  • Financial Assistance – Food, clothing, housing, legal fees, transportation, car purchases
  • Activism – Marches, letter writing, event sharing, information sharing, standing witness, posting on current events, updates, and actions related to immigration issues
  • Housing – Locating, assist with moving,  helping with funds, removing from dangerous situations such as lead poisoning or the cartel, furnishing, bedding
  • Emergency Assistance –  At times, 6000Moms have had to activate quickly for urgent needs such as housing, baby formula, food, safety situations, funds, and reuniting families


*Includes taking care of their children while they are in the hospital, providing PPE, monitoring their stats, meals, loving support, purchasing and sending Pulse Oximeters.

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